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Escuela Mill Creek is located on 9735 80 Ave which is two blocks from Whyte Avenue. This close knit community sees our school as a hub of vibrant and exciting energy. The community is also going through a revitalization as more young families are moving into the area. Every year in Spring we hold our renowned Fiesta event, a gathering of community members, parents, friends and family members to celebrate Latin American and Hispanic culture and to see our students perform. 

Our Learning Community is centred around our students. Parents and extended family are active and engaged through our school council and in many other ways. The School Council hosts fundraiser events, creates communication and support opportunities with classroom teachers, and works alongside school administration to build a vibrant and inclusive school culture. 

To learn more about the school council and fundraising society visit the website here, or attend a monthly School Council meeting, held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, at 6pm (in-person and virtual options available).