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School Profile

Escuela Mill Creek serves the students and parents south of the river and Millwoods.  The district will provide busing for students within our areas, that are outside of the maximum walking distance. The school is vibrant with the many different cultures that have come together for the common purpose of learning Spanish.  

International Spanish Academy

Escuela Mill Creek School is a designated International Spanish Academy. Escuela Mill Creek School is the first school in Alberta to receive this designation from the education ministry in the government of Spain. Escuela Mill Creek School is unique in that all students are enroled in the Spanish Bilingual Progam. We have recently grown to fill our school's capacity of 350 students. 

The Spanish Bilingual Program operates where half of instruction is in Spanish and half of the instruction is in English. The subjects that are taught in Spanish are Spanish Language Arts, Math, Health, Art, and Physical Education. The subjects that are taught in English are English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. 

Why Learn Spanish?  

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  2. Mexico is Canada’ 4th largest trading partner.
  3. Canada is the 2nd largest foreign investor in Chile.
  4. Exports to South America in 2000 grew 13% to over $3 billion.
  5. Canadian export growth of close to 20% was recorded to Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.
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Solar Panels at Escuela Mill Creek

If you visit or drive past our school, you will see that we are equipped with a solar array that is installed to our exterior walls and roof. There are two inverters that change the solar energy, that comes from 300 solar panels, into electrivity that we can use at the school. In 2019, we generated 57.8 MWh of solar energy, and in 2020, we generated 69.4 MWh of solar energy. In 2020, of the 69.4 MWh produced, we consumed 55.84 MWh here at the school and exported 13.54 MWh back to the grid. This 55.84 MWh of energy accounted for 26% of our school's electricity consumption in 2020. The majority of the energy generated is used to power the school's lights and other electric needs like chromebooks and computers. 

All of that energy being created from our solar panels helped to reduce CO2 emissions which is the equivalent of thousands of trees being planted. 

Our solar energy generation reports are now available to the public. Check out our new public site here:

Mill Creek School Solar Edge. <-- click the link, the colour kind of hides the links :)

89,664 Kg. of CO2 saved, 2676 trees planted and counting!