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School Philosophy

At Escuela Mill Creek we believe in the following:

  1. That the Parent and school partnership is essential in ensuring that your children receive the best possible education
  2. Open and Honest communication regarding your child's learning is essential to student success
  3. That all children are capable of learning at a high level
  4. That each child be treated with dignity and respect
  5. Creating a safe and caring learning environment is an active and ongoing process

Vision and Mission Statements. Escuela Mill Creek culture is focused on: 

  1. Español, Academics, and Art
  2. Celebrating our Latin American roots and Hispanic heritage
  3. Representing the International Spanish Academy
  4. Music, art, and culture are experienced by all students
  5. Always Choosing Kindness
  6. Physical activity is essential for health and learning
  7. Todos Juntos

We remain committed to: 

  1. Ensuring the achievement of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students.
  2. Helping all students to walk alongside our First Nations, Métis, Inuit communities towards truth and reconciliation.
  3. Creating an anti-racist school system. 
  4. Supporting the mental health of our students and families.