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School Profile

Escuela Mill Creek serves the students and parents south of the river and Millwoods.  The district will provide busing for students within our areas, that are outside of the maximum walking distance. There are currently over 300 students enrolled who come from all over the city for this special program. We currently lease a few classrooms to in-school day care.  The school is vibrant with the many different cultures that have come together for the common purpose of learning Spanish.  

International Spanish Academy

Escuela Mill Creek School is very fortunate to have this designation of an International Spanish Academy given to us by the Ministry of Education in the Government of Spain.  Escuela Mill Creek School is the first school in Alberta to receive this designation in Alberta making it the most established International Spanish Academy in the province.  Escuela Mill Creek School is also unique in that the Spanish Bilingual Progam is the only program in our growing school.

The Spanish Bilingual Program is a type of immersion program where half of the instruction is in Spanish and half of the instruction is in English.  This is done by subject.  The subjects that are taught in Spanish are Spanish Language Arts, Math, Health, Art, and Physical Education.  The subjects that are taught in English are English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

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Escuela Mill Creek’s International Spanish Academy is thriving and growing!

The following article was published in the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Examiner in March 2007

Edmonton Public Schools, International Spanish Academy (ISA), is a Bilingual English and Spanish program ideal for challenging children to reach their full potential in English and also become fluent in Spanish. The program is currently available for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students and has proven so popular that it will be expanding into junior high for 2008.

Programming at the International Spanish Academy presents many exciting learning possibilities for students. Through a refined focus on the arts, students are given the opportunity to explore the culture of Spanish countries. Art specialists, guest lecturers and specialized teachers will instruct learners about this dynamic culture through music, dance, drama productions and art classes. A visiting teacher from Spain has currently been invited to be part of the faculty for next year. Students at ISA also benefit from the opportunity to earn international credentials, preferred entry to post-secondary institutions, on-site day care and ongoing cultural contact with the Spanish-speaking community.

Not only does the Escuela teach elementary and junior high students, it also enjoys partnerships with the Caminitos Bilingual Playschool and the Edmonton Hispanic Bilingual Association (EHBA). Together these partnerships create an exciting opportunity for Spanish language instruction and cultural learning from playschool through adulthood. Students are given the opportunity to begin at Caminitos and continue with the ISA from Kindergarten through to Junior High. Through the EHBA, parents and community members also have convenient access to Spanish language instruction during the evenings and weekends. This arrangement is the first of its kind in Edmonton and offers the benefit of a lifetime of continuous and co-ordinated Spanish education.

Learning a second language has many benefits. It is personally enriching and enhances academic growth and excellence. It opens new experiences that facilitate fluency in additional languages and encourages new ways of thinking. Learning another language also develops an appreciation for the cultural diversity within and outside of Canada and opens doors to exciting career opportunities and citizenship in the global world community.

For more information about International Spanish Academy at Escuela Mill Creek, visit here or call 433-5746 or e-mail: millcreek@epsb.ca


Why Learn Spanish?  


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